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Innovative service through Lloyd’s and overseas markets

Individual and attentive approach for both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft, commercial or private.

Including War cover

Extensive liability and personal accident for aircrew, operators and other parties

Coverage includes:

Miscellaneous Coverage can include:


Summary – Cover for aircraft crew and ground staff.
Scope – Death or injury to a member of staff.

Summary – Cover for corporate jets, single or multi -engine, turbo prop, commercial or private.
Scope – Physical damage

Summary – Cover for those liable for premises, third-party aircraft including maintenance, and manufacture of aviation products.
Scope – Premises – Liability to persons and their property whilst on your premises.
Hangar Keeper – Liability for third party aircraft whilst in your care, custody and control.
Products – Liability for goods and services provided after they have left your care, custody and control.

Summary – Fixed-wing and rotor hull and liability
Scope – Hull – Physical damage to aircraft by accident.
Liability – Third parties and passengers

Summary – Cover for Fixed-wing and rotor
Scope – Hull War and associated perils such as terrorism, malicious damage.

Summary – Professional Indemnity cover for commercial and private flying instructors.
Scope – Liability arising out of fault or negligence in the provision of advice, instruction training or supervision of a student.

Summary – Cover for aircrew injury or sickness
Scope – Pilots and air traffic control personnel. Individual or group.

Summary – Cover for owners/operators of airfields and any injuries to third parties or physical damage to property.
Scope – Premises, hangars, products, aircraft.

Summary – Cover for aircraft crew.
Scope – Death or injury provided for personnel normally through aircraft owner or operator.

Summary – Covers manufacturers and associated parties from third party liability arising from damage or injury due to faulty product.
Scope – Aircraft and articles forming part of an aircraft or used in conjunction with it.

Summary – Covers physical damage to commercial and privately owned helicopters.
Scope – Turbine and piston helicopters including specialist users such as air ambulance.

Summary – Bespoke cover for rotor or fixed-wing equipment.
Scope – Hull and liability for full flight and/or ground risks.